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A man of an average build, Alex has brown hair and hazel eyes, and is often seen wearing a dark green t-shirt and forest camo jeans with custom-made goggles with tinted lenses that are commonly situated over his eyes.


In public, Alex tends to play the part of the strong, silent type, talking only when talked to and gives off a careful, observant tone to what he says. While this habit leaks into his personality a bit while in private, he is much more open when it comes to speaking his mind and giving his opinion about something.


To become the greatest sniper in history.


  • Quick Shot
Description: A fast-action attack, Alex targets an opponent and fires a quick, yet powerful shot.
Style: Agility
Type: Standard
  • Strafe Shot
Description: A variant of Quick Shot. Alex targets an opponent and fires a quick, yet powerful shot while moving, allowing for a more effective "hit and run" attack. Best used with a rifle-type weapon, which is more maneuverable than a bow and arrow.
Style: Sniper
Type: Standard
  • Sniping Strike
Description: A sniping attack. Alex targets an opponent from a distance and attacks with a precision-aimed shot, usually at joints or other non-vitals. Works best with Fletcher's Bow for its added stealth factor.
Style: Sniper
Type: Standard

Stat Map


  • Fletcher's Bow
Weapon Type: Bow
Material: Wood
Ammo: Wooden Arrows
  • Fletcher's Musket
Weapon Type: Musket
Material: Wood
Ammo: Iron ammo


Very rarely does a ship stay afloat without a shipwright to maintain it. Shipwrights are the surgeons of ships, administering repairs, applying modifications, or constructing entirely new ships and boats as needed. Shipwrights can create weapons such as wooden bows or staffs.


An archer from the Gecko Islands, Alex Fletcher grew up on the island in the chain in which the primary form of hunting and fishing is done with a bow. Because of this, Alex began his archery training at age 10, a good age to get acquainted with the workings of the bow. Often taunted by the others of his home for his originally terrible accuracy, he made a vow to become the greatest archer in the world and prove to them that he was not one to underestimate.

Over time, his archery began to improve and, by age 14, he had surpassed that of those who taunted him. Having learned enough to come out with a win in every archery contest. Unsatisfied, he kept practicing and thinking of how he could continue to improve his skills and showcase his talent to the world.

Thinking about it for 3 long years, he eventually decided on a course of action to take to fulfill his dream: become a pirate. Alex had heard rumor on the wind that the life of a pirate was full of danger and excitement, and he would be able to go wherever he wanted. What better way to showcase his skill and improve on it than such a lifestyle? With his mind set, he decided that in order to truly become worthy with other pirates he had to learn something else rather than just archery. It soon occurred to him that ships, like bows, were forged from wood. As such, he began studying woodworking in order to be able to build his own way off his island home and, eventually, find a crew to join.