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Charlie Nightingale
Charlie Nightingale
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Chronological and Political Information
Sea of Origin

East Blue

Traits and Skills


Short to medium length black hair, rouge-ish appearance, tends to always have a sly grin, his eyes are a shade of crimson that is rarely seen. He is slim which helps lend to his agility.


As his image suggests, he is a rather sly and shrewd rogue, he enjoys to stir the pot and see what comes of it. When nothing comes up that interests him he tends to get lazy and unenthusiastic, which is when he tries to make something happen. Generally tries to act like a playboy when he is with women, even though he is much more grounded guy. Often seen eating some sort of lollipop, he claims it is because he quit smoking, but he just loves sweets.


To become the Grand Line's greatest Assassin and lead a crew/group to be neutral that both sides can use, basically a Assassin's Guild of the Seas that takes contracts from the highest bidders.


  • Beli: 600


  • Taka
Type: Dagger
Material: Iron
  • Tsuki
Type: Dagger
Material: Iron


  • Tornado Kick
A jumping spin kick in which the user kicks his opponents but maintains the spin to bring around his foot for one more kick.
Primary Stat: Strength
Style: Assassin
Type: Standard
  • Devil's Triangle
A thrust in which Charlie's hand is pointed out straight like a triangle and lunges to the point where the neck meets the ribs, causing intense pain and causing breathing difficulty.
Primary Stat: Agility
Style: Assassin
Type: Standard + Disorient

Stat Map


Son of a martial artist in a small town on an island in the Eastern Sea, his life when not hanging out with is friends or causing trouble, was often spent training with his father in the families small dojo. It was there where he learned the foundation of his style today. One day Marines came in and tried to arrest his father, he had no clue what his father had done, but he wouldn't go peacefully. They fought right there in the dojo in front of him and faced with their overwhelming numbers, his father had no chance. Days later after the funeral, he went back and explored all of his fathers old things and found nothing but a key which fit nothing in the house. He tried to find what it opened for months but with no luck. Soon the time for spring cleaning came and he handled the portion his father would normally clean. Behind one of the scrolls he sees a keyslot, he quickly gets the key and sticks it in, turning it to open a small compartment. Inside he finds a set of daggers and knives with a note explaining his father's past life and apologizing, because if he had found this, then he was most likely killed for his actions in the past. Undeterred by this he takes on his father's legacy as an Assassin.