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Donovan is a tall man with shoulder length dark brown hair and a murderous smile always on his face. His eyes are a dark red that are almost perpetually fixed into a glare. He usually wears simple shorts with a flower pattern with a blue jacket. He also walks barefoot.


Donovan is first and foremost, a monsterous Pirate who enjoys his position and duties as Chief Enforcer for Jarod Krieg. He will not hesitate to use lethal force to solve his problems and he is frequently seen cackling madly when fighting. However Donovan is fiercly loyal to his captain and dutifully obeys his orders to the best of his ability, no matter how much he may dislike them. It is this loyalty, combined with his absolutely brutal efficiency in dispatching his targets, that Jarod Krieg trusts him with the most important of missions and as his right hand man.


Nobody is certain of where Donovan comes from or why he follows Jarod Krieg. All that is known is that some point Jarod met him shortly before entering the New World and recruited him as an assassin. Some time after this Donovan became the most infamous assassin in the Grand Line, with an unbroken kill streak against well known and very powerful opponents.

Recently Donovan has gained the powers of the Gura Gura no Mi. Despite recently obtaining his ability, Donovan put the powers to great effect during Krieg's assault on Marineford, causing massive destruction to the island and nearly sinking it below the sea before Jarod killed the Fleet Admiral. After the Battle of Marineford, Donovan has seemingly dropped off the map. 

Donovan is among the few pirates whose bounty has grown so high that it is no longer displayed to the public, a feat usually accomplished only by those who become an Emperor in the New World. As such he is feared by the World Government and he is considered a great threat to the world, ranking him next to the Emperors. This reputation has only grown with his revelation of his Gura Gura no Mi. As such Jarod tends to use him as something akin to a nuclear deterent for enemies who threaten him.