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Fisher Ryugu is a dark blue whale shark fishman with a very large and stocky build. He stands at "9'6", making him tower over many people. Combined with his wide build, this makes him come off as intimidating. His eyes are a dark brown and his hair is black and hung loose at shoulder length. For clothing he wears traditional white robes with black trim.


Fisher is a fairly level headed person. When faced with a problem he prefers to examine it from afar until a solution can be found. However experience has taught him that charging in can sometimes have it's advantages. While he prefers time to think when faced with problems, he has learned to think on his feet.

A major component of his personality is his fierce determination to protect life when possible. When he sees life (specifically sentient life) being abused or otherwise mistreated he his quick to lash out at the one's responsible. He also becomes furious when he sees people being deprived of aid when injured or otherwise suffering. Fisher refuses to kill unless necessary. However, he will not hesitate to strike down those who take glee in or prolong the suffering of others.


To become a great Doctor.


Fisher grew up in the Fishman District on Fishman Island. Despite the mistrust and hatred of Fishmen who grow up in the Fishman District have towards Humans, Fisher never understood why and disregarded it was until one day when he turned seventeen. A group of Fishmen returned to Fishmen Island bearing many injuries, some fatal. When Fisher learned that humans had attacked the group for no reason, Fisher nearly gave in to the hatred against humans. His spiral into anger and hatred was stopped when he discovered a human doctor had arrived on fishman island and was treating the injured. When Fisher demanded to know why the man was helping them he was told,

"All life is sacred. As a doctor, it is my duty to save it where I can. To me, it is not my place to distinguish between race".

That moment changed Fisher's life. From that day forward he vowed to become a great doctor to help those in need. Around this time he took up training at the Fishman Dojo, so he could also become a warrior strong enough to defend those who couldn't defend themselves. Despite his noble goal, Fisher couldn't find it in himself to attempt to join the Marines knowing it would likely be futile, so instead he left Fishman Island to travel the world at the age of 22. A year later his travels brought him to the Cactus Islands.