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"Things go boom when i'm around !"
― Kosuke

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Exceeding two meters tall in height, Kosuke is a unidentified breed of fishman who almost resembles a beefy looking human, except for the fact that he possesses a different skin color, small fin like structures behind his ears, as well as a slightly elongated neck with gills. His typical mode of dress is a tight fitting tee shirt, cargo pants and boots, as well as what appear to be googles or shades above his eyes.


Although normally quite friendly and cheerful by default, Kosuke becomes excitable when it comes to gadgets and big explosions. More often than not, he is often found about tinkering, trying to improve things, sometimes with disasterous outcomes, which often leave him slightly injured while in awe of the explosion he unwittingly created. Out of all his attempts to improve/enhance things so far, the fishman has only achieved moderate success, with the rare moment of true genius.


- To become a renowned marksman



A sibling of the shipwright role. Inventors can create new technology and weapons such as the Clima-tact given the time and materials. Inventors often work alongside shipwrights to upgrade ships and create larger constructs. Inventors can also create blueprints and sell them, allowing others to make their inventions. Inventors are able to modify weapons such as guns and cannons. This is an optional but very beneficial profession for a crew.


Being something of a odd fishman, Kosuke has always been intrigued by gadgets even a kid, eschewing the normal games of childhood for times spent rummaging the junkyard with tools. As such, he soon grew up being labeled as the weird one, for his unnatural interest in mechanical things. But despite his unusual childhood, the fishman grew up to possess above average reflexes and aim, as well as above average awareness of his surroundings. As such, he discovered his natural aptitude with ranged weapons, as opposed to melee ones. So in time, he became quite specialized in the use of such weapons, using them to devastating effect on inanimate targets. But he began to grew bored of the status quo, after slowly being infected with a case of wanderlust, the fishman left the Fishman Island for the surface. Wandering from inhabited island to island, he learnt what he could on the surface world, while not creating any trouble for himself, eventually ending up on Cactus Island.

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