Pirate Hunter Division
Goal Pirate capture

Assisting other marine branches
Report on potential threats

Led by Damian Walker
Enemies Pirates
Allies Marines

In response to increased pirate activity in the four blues and the Grand Line brought about by the approaching Alabasta War, the World Government needed to restrain pirates and regain lost ground. The solution was the creation of an entirely new branch, the Pirate Hunters.


The Pirate Hunters, as the name implies, is a branch of marine soldiers tasked with hunting and capturing pirates. Unlike traditional branch, this branch is tasked with active pursuit of pirates of all bounties and danger. This places a higher level of danger on the division than most others.

Each division is given orders directly from the control center of whichever sea they are currently located, allowing them to be more mobile in their operations. Because of their mission, Pirate Hunters have higher authority than regular marine divisions. The authority of the Pirate Hunters is always one rank above the normal ranks, however this authority is only to be used during times of need.

Recruitment for Pirate Hunters includes both Bounty Hunters and Marine soldiers. Assignment to the pirate hunters is reserved for those who show dedication to their duties or those with potential. Also, while most marine branches prefer uniformity among the ranks, the pirate hunters welcome diversity as it increases their versatility and thus their capability to capture pirates.

Overall the Pirate Hunters consist of 5 divisions spread out across the Grand Line.


  • To capture pirates through any means available
  • To assist other marine branches where necessary
  • To report on potential threats and act as a deterrent to piracy