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The brothers, Lucian and Gabriel

A man born on Skypiea, Lucias lived peacefully for 25 years, serving as body guard to Gan Fall, who held the position of God, ruler of Skypiea. His younger brother, Gabriel, served beside him and the two were considered close and the epitome of Skypians. However, one day Lucias stumbled across two mysterious fruits. Curiosity drove him to consume one, granting him the powers of the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Demon. Upon discovering his new powers, Lucias convinced his brother to eat the second fruit, from which he gained the powers of the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Angel.

Upon revealing their gifts to the residents of Skypiea, Gan Fall declared them Champions of Skypiea. For two years the brothers served dutifully, ending quarrels and using their abilities to help others as Gan Fall commanded. However, Lucias became intrigued with the might his powers gave him and began experimenting with it. Eventually, when Gan Fall began to fall ill, Lucias realized a new leader would soon be selected. Eager to prove himself worthy, Lucias worked tirelessly day and night, answering Gan Fall's every need and command. However, his devotion to his ambition isolated him from the people. And so, when the day of choosing arrived, Lucias was devastated when Gabriel was chosen over him.

Enraged by this failure, Lucias gathered many followers, quickly building an army and attempted a Coup against Gan Fall and Gabriel. The attack was brutal and fierce and caught everyone completely by surprise. By the end of the day, Gan Fall was slain and Gabriel was banished from Skypiea, defeated in battle by his own brother. With the throne under his control, Lucias declared himself God and began ruling Skypiea with an iron fist.

Skypian Civil WarEdit

This rule continued for another 3 years, in which Lucias became more and more detached and merciless. Eventually Gabriel started a resistance, gathering many Skypieans under his banner and war broke out between the two, dividing Skypiea between the Lucists and the Sons of Gabriel.