Skypiean Falcons are massive versions of regular falcons seen below the clouds. They are highly intelligent and deadly predators that typically inhabit Upper Yard as their nesting ground, having evolved from the birds that inhabited the island before it was blasted into the sky. Ten years before the Skypiean Civil War, Gan Fall learned how to tame these creatures and began teaching others how to become Falcon Riders. Ever since then, falcons have become a major component of Skypiean culture.

Falcon RidersEdit

The Falcon Riders are Skypieans and Shandorians that have bonded with and learned how to ride falcons. Once a falcon has bonded with a rider, it becomes immensly loyal and will allow themselves only to be ridden by them or others that have befriended the rider, and even then only in certain circumstances. Because Skypiean Falcons are smart enough to understand human speech, it is often found that Falcon Riders develop special code to issue commands between man and beast. This code can vary greatly between riders and there is no universal standard.