This is the official timeline for the One Piece RP. The timeline is an ever expanding article and will continue to be so until all activity on the forum ceases. Though the RP takes place in the same universe as One Piece, the reality is seperate.

Due to the different rates of progress or activity threads have on the forum, identifying exact dates on the timeline is very difficult and months are omitted outside of birthdates as a result.

All events are listed in descending order.


  • YBE: Years Before Execution - Roger's Execution
  • AE: After Execution, The start of the Golden Age of Pirates
  • EE: Establishing Era - The name of the generation where the RP begins in-universe.

Roger's Era (RE)Edit

The events of Roger's Era are undetermined in time seperating.

  • ? YBE, Gol D. Roger is born in Loguetown on December 31st. 
  • ? YBE, Gol D. Roger sets sail and begins forming his crew.
  • 4 YBE, Roger Pirates enter the Grand Line. 
  • ? YBE, Gol D. Roger is dubbed King of the Pirates, 
  • 0 YBE, Gol D. Roger surrenders to the World Government.
  • 0 YBE, World Government declares they have captured Gol D. Roger and plan to execute him in Loguetown as an example to Pirates. 
  • 0 YBE, Roger's last words  ignites the Golden Age of Pirates. 

After Execution (AE).Edit

  • 25 AE, Jarod Krieg becomes an Emperor/Yonko in the New World.

Establishing Era (EE)Edit

The Establishing Era takes place 26 years after Roger's Execution and begins on February 16th.

In GeneralEdit

  • Marines begin gathering forces in preparation for the Alabasta War
  • Alabasta War officially begins 
  • Alabasta War ends, Marineford is attacked and the Fleet Admiral killed in battle. Vincent Moral becomes Fleet Admiral.