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History Edit

A legendary soldier of the navy, Vincent Moral was praised as the pride and joy of the marines. Despite refusing any promotion beyond the rank of captain, Vincent was given more authority than his rank allowed in reward for his outstanding service record. Eventually he was reassigned to the New World. Shortly after taking his first step into the second half of the Grand Line he received word that his wife and child back in West Blue had been attacked and killed by a traitor within the marines.

Outraged and heartbroken he returned to West Blue to mourn his family and hunt down the traitor. After a few days of frenzied hunting, he had managed to track down the man that had stolen his family from him. What happened after that is part of myth among the navy, as nobody knows exactly what happened. All that's certain is that on that day he earned his title of "The Punisher". Ever since that day he has refused to enter the New World and has taken command over the 80th Marine Base in West Blue.